Training Your Brain: Cogniflex Nootropic

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You’ve probably heard about powerful wakefulness enhancers that allow a person to use more of their brains capacity for a temporary period known as nootropics. There are lot of medications on the market today like Adderall that are designed to help people who have ADD focus for long periods of time. The problem is these mainstream drugs come with nasty symptoms that can negate their positive attention span lengthening qualities and give rise to increased chances of:

cogniflex nootropic

·    Suicidal thoughts and destructive tendencies

·    Severe depression that often leads to missing duties, responsibilities, and obligations.

·    Agitation including passive aggressive episodes.

·    Death has also been known to occur occasionally

Why Cogniflex is Different

Nootropics offer a safer and less unpredictable solution to the attention deficit problem that is so common among children, students, and may adults entering the work force. The amazing cogniflex nootropic differs from most pharmaceutical products in that they only use natural ingredients that are safer for the body because they only use such high quality natural ingredients like:

·    Rhodiola Rosea: Combats against mental fatigue inhibiting the effects while you focus and concentrate.

·    Vinpocetine: Increasing your energy due the accelerated production of glucose in your brain.

·    Huperzine A: Proven to enhance memory function and the ability to recall small details.

·    L-theanine: Helps to manage anxiety levels from spiking too high giving the person a feeling of balance and tranquility.

·    Bacopa Monnieri: Encourages improved cognition by increasing the blood flow to the brain.

·    Tyrosine: Lends itself to promoting mental alertness by creating neuro transmitters.

Neuroscience is a powerful branch of science that’s been highly successful at breaking through the barriers that nature imposes on us so often. Going beyond these limits that nature has imposed on us for so long is one small step for the chronically distracted and one giant leap for the pharmaceutical industry.